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InterspaceNews.com is a website offering world wide space news coverage complete with news updates, large photo galleries, video',s in-depth feature stories, essays, interviews, live feeds, and more.

InterspaceNews.com is committed to telling the story of humankinds march into space. 1,000 years from now nobody will even remember 90% of what we consider to be "big news" today however, you can rest assured, they will remember that we were the first generation to venture into space. 

InterspaceNews.com differs from other similar sites in that we have a different approach towards disseminating news. Most space news sites attempt to pattern themselves after traditional news sites in hopes of becoming another New York Times or CNN. But at InterspaceNews.com we don't want to become a TV station or a news paper.  InterspaceNews.com believes that the internet offers unique capabilities and a global reach. We believe that these assets can be leveraged to create a new kind of news service that merges the best points found in traditional news organizations with a new on-line format.

According to a CNN pole 70% of the population of the United States believe that space exploration is a worthwhile affair. Unfortunately, most  individuals also have a hard time with the thick scientific jargon often associated with this topic. As a result most news organizations attempt to "dumb it down" to make it more understandable.

Although this is good in principal, in practice, it alienates another segment of the population - the professionals and the fans. Yes, I said fans. The space program is unique in that it has a dedicated base of armatures who follow every move within the space program the way most people follow sports. These people are looking for more that just a few glossed over facts and some pictures. They want details.

Most organizations tend to pick one or the other as their target market and then cater the stories towards their chosen audience. InterspaceNews.com intends to take this one step farther by layering its news so that both audiences can be accommodated.

InterspaceNews.com makes extensive use of live feeds, photos and videos to create a graphic representation of events in near real time. These are supported by easy to read reports that allow readers access to the full story. These reports are then supplemented by in depth features where readers can dig deeply into a topic learning not just what happened, but why and how as well. Finally, interviews are provided through which readers can get the finer details of a story direct from the source.

In the near future, InterspaceNews.com plans to expand its capabilities to include a series of blogs and weekly pod-casts. We believe that this will help create a feeling of community on the site and give our readers a voice. The end result will be a clearly defined, accurate reporting that is easily accessible and understandable.

We believe that using this approach, InterspaceNews.com will one day read like an on-line history of our march into space. A window looking back on one of the most exciting adventures humans have ever experienced.

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